Our hotel is found at 17 Rancho Largo Rd, in the village of Trescasas, Sonsoto District.

This is a medieval area, with the village “Trescasas” being named after three houses that have existed here since the 13th Century. These houses were used for sheep shearing and wool treatment, and were directed by the Religious Order of  the friars from "La Cartuja del Paular". From “La Casa del Tio Telesforo” you can see the remains of the old shearing house in Sonosoto. The villages history deeply revolves around sheep migration and was a key location for the wool market. In the 18th Century more than 40 000 sheep were sheared here each year.

Between Trescasas and Sonsoto you can find the neo-classic style church (1774-1788), built by Carlos III. The king used to hunt in this land while staying with his Court in el Real sitio de La Granja de San Ildefonso.

Nowadays, Trescasas still retains its rural charm and continues to be dedicated to raising livestock.